manual pressure sandblasting cabinet S110


  • Work screen in 3 pieces, maximum load 150 k
  • Step grid on platform, width 500 mm
  • Sandblasting switch pneumatic foot pedal
  • Loading door unhingeable single-piece wing-type door with lever closing system assembled on each side of cabinet allowing a passage of 660 x h 630
  • Window without blind spot including 1 tilting frame securing 1 safety glass window, thickness 4 mm, fitted in a sealed rubber profile and 1 inside wear glass, thickness 4 mm, clamped on the frame
  • Lighting 1 waterproof metallic bowl with 2 fluorescent 18 W tubes, dust-free ceiling light protected by wear glass
  • Pressure control valve fitted in the shelter of the left front foot of cabinet ; adjustable from  0 to 10 bar
  • Light switch on cabin front panel, in the right front foot of cabinet
  • Electric board waterproof box in the left front foot of cabinet with protection against overloading and short-circuits + 30 mA differential protection
  • Security switch1 pneumatic sensor on top of each door immediately stops sand blasting when one of the 2 doors of cabinet opens
  • Arm access double abrasion-resistant rubber holes
  • Abrasive adjustment calibre inside of sandblasting T according to nozzle diameter

Nozzles Ø 3 and 4: calibre Ø 4,5

Nozzles Ø 5 and 6: calibre Ø 6,5

Nozzles Ø 8: calibre Ø 8,5

Exterior dimensions
Width 1200 mm
Depth 1050 mm
Height 1910 mm
Interior dimensions (working volume)
Width 1000 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 700 mm
Weight 165 kg
Compressed air connection 1″ gas
Sandblasting nozzle Standard Ø 5mm  tungsten (available Ø 3,4,6,8 mm)
Option (for corundum)
Bore carbide nozzle Ø 5 mm (Ø available 3,4,6,8 mm)
Air consumption at 7 bars
Ø 3mm nozzle 30 m3/h
Ø 4mm nozzle 50 m3/h
Ø 5mm nozzle 80 m3/h
Ø 6mm nozzle 135 m3/h
Ø 8mm nozzle 220 m3/h



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